Pests During The Winter Season:

No one wants to be left outside in the cold during the bitter temperatures that fall and winter bring, and that goes for all of those pesky pests too. Rodents, pest and spiders are all searching for a warm haven to spend the frigid nights. Here at Ladybug Pest Management, our job is to prevent these critters from occupying your warm residence during these cooler seasons.

Rodents such as mice and rats, can be tremendously dangerous if they are able to get into your residence. They can easily contaminate surfaces with their urine and their droppings. Those droppings that they leave behind can be extremely hazardous if they are not dealt with properly and promptly. Mice can also carry other pests in to your home such as fleas, lice and ticks. This can lead to an even larger and more complicated pest problem. Rodents can also cause damage to your home, they have been known to chew through electrical wires which could create a fire hazard.

Roaches have the capacity to carry all kinds of different harmful diseases and types of bacteria that they can spread on to everything that they come into contact with. Roaches have been known for crawling through sewage and over decaying creatures which carry loads of nasty bacteria. All of those things stick to their legs and bodies and can easily contaminate your counter tops and food sources, sometimes without you even knowing.

Carpenter ants and termites destroy the home from the inside out, so most of the time, you really never see the damage until it is unfortunately too late. If you find carpenter ants indoors during the winter, it is an indication that they are nesting inside walls, floors or decaying wood.

Fall and winter pest services are directed more towards your home’s interior. One of the first things that our team looks for is anything that has changed since our last visit. It is extremely common for Ladybug Pest Management Professionals to find new openings in walls and doors that did not exist during their most recent visit.

Rodents and critters are not good to have around your residence during any season, especially winter. They have the capability to cause excess damage to your home, spread illness upon you and your family, and they plain out can just drive you insane. At Ladybug Pest Management, we highly recommend that you get the foundation and exterior walls sealed to protect your family from these unwanted home invaders. Please do not wait until spring when the pests bring back their appearance to get protected. Winter is a season when families spend most of their time indoors. That means more time in close contact with each other and the best time for illness to spread through heat vents and ductwork.

 A year-round pest control treatment is the best thing you could ever do, not just for your home but also for your family. We look forward to servicing you and your home!


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