Tips For Bed Bug Treatment

The old rhyme "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite" has become an alarming reality recently. These tiny creatures have been an uprising problem in Delaware and Maryland over the past couple of years. Fortunately, there are many formalities that you can take to avert pest control problems from making an appearance within your home.

Professional Exterminators:
The process of removing bed bugs from your home or place of business can be difficult and time consuming. It’s an important process and one that deserves your full attention. So if you are unable to schedule the necessary time to check for these pesky bugs, contact the best bed bug consultants in Delaware, Lady bug Pest Management!

Steam cleaning:
This method is harmless, natural and highly effective due to the fact that bed bugs are unable to sustain the higher temperatures.

Set up several traps in each room, close to where you normally sit or sleep. These traps should be placed behind or under couches, beds, computer desks and any other place, where you think there could be an infestation. If possible, try not to be in the room with the traps so it will increase the opportunity for the bugs to go into the traps and not on you!

Scent Detection Dogs:
Lady bug Pest Management proudly offer canine scent detection services from the best scent detection dogs in Delaware, Daisey and Dolley!

Routine and thorough vacuuming reduce the likelihood of attracting bed bugs, and it can also remove some that potentially are already there. When you vacuum, focus not only on the larger, spacious areas, but also make sure to vacuum under your bed and in the smaller corners and crevices of your sleeping area. When finished, make sure to empty the contents from the vacuum in a trashcan outside of the home.

Getting rid of bed bugs in your home isn’t always convenient, but it is valuable and necessary. If you have a bed bug problem, let us help you and call the bed bug experts in Delaware, Lady bug Pest Management!

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